Successful product training course conducted in Nigeria and Tanzania

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Successful product training course conducted in Nigeria and Tanzania

SolarWave’s basic product training course is designed to teach salespersons and field technicians how to operate SolarWave’s water treatment systems.

The first product training course was held in Lagos, Nigeria, from 19 to 21 February 2013. 13 sales representatives of Sweborg Nigeria Limited attended the course which was cordially hosted by Mr. Emoh Robinson, the CEO of Sweborg Nigeria Limited.

The training course held in Mapinga, Tanzania, from 15 to 16 April 2013, was attended by 13 participants representing SolarWave Tanzania Ltd, Ministry of Water of Tanzania, DAWASA and other organizations. The course was held at the premises of Abana Limited and cordially hosted by Stika R. Kimwaga, Chairman of the Board of SolarWave Tanzania Ltd and Managing Director of Abana Limited.

The purpose of the course was to give a comprehensive training on the installation, operation, and maintenance, of the full range of SolarWave water purification and solar power products, with the overall objective that all participants should gather sufficient knowledge in order to be able to carry out demonstration and installation of the products at customer sites.
Course facilitator was SolarWave’s product manager Dr. Jens Schöldström, supported by SolarWave’s CEO Dr. Johan Wennerberg and Business Development Manager Tatiana Boldyreva.

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