SolarWave Uganda Limited

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SolarWave Uganda Limited

SolarWave proudly announces the first SolarWave franchise located in Kampala, Uganda. Operating under the name SolarWave Uganda Limited, the new franchise offers the full portfolio of products and services of SolarWave AB.

“Our strategy allows entrepreneurs to share in the success of SolarWave while also supporting the company’s ambition to further increase its market presence. We strongly believe that partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs through franchising will support our future growth and expansion plans. We are excited about this new development that will position us to bring our products to more people throughout Africa” Says CEO Johan Wennerberg.

Geoffrey Nalima, CEO of SolarWave Uganda Limited says that “safe drinking water remains a matter of life and death. With the demand of safe water and ways to reduce ones environmental footprint, I am confident that SolarWave’s water treatment products will meet the needs of the people of Uganda.”

Access to clean and safe drinking water is a basic human need and the foundation of sustainable development and economic growth. SolarWave aims to provide this important aspect of human life to the ones who need it the most.

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