Liberty University Institutional Agreement

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Liberty University Institutional Agreement

Students who were previously enrolled at Liberty and transferred to a VCCS college to complete the Transfer Focused Associate Degree are not eligible to participate in the GAA. VCCS students who do not meet the GAA admission requirements listed above may apply for admission to Liberty, but will not receive guaranteed admission under this Agreement. To facilitate the transfer process, VCCS and Liberty offer the following guaranteed admission agreement. The essential features of this program include computer literacy and the use of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, internet search, media presentations and email communication, as well as the technological requirements for If I can`t perform these essential functions, Liberty University recommends enrolling in their computer science courses to learn these skills. Liberty University`s help desk can help you ensure that your computer meets the hardware requirements. Denny McHaney (Disability – Resident Students) (434) 582-2159 Steve Foster (Title IX/Disability – Employment) Associate Coordinator of Title IX (434) 592-7330 A question that many prospective students ask themselves is: “What is Liberty University`s denominational affiliation?” Freedom does not coincide with a particular denomination. We are an evangelical institution that recognizes the similarities between all of Christ`s disciples. In keeping with liberty University`s image of mission and purpose, the gospel is central to who we are as a university. Edwina Berryman (Disability — Online Students) (800) 424-9595 Erin Hagen (Title IX — Athletics) Associate Coordinator of Title IX (434) 592-4951 The following individuals have been appointed to coordinate compliance with certain liberty University anti-discrimination laws: LU`s Online Support Coordinator for Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities at (434) 592-5417 or; Director of Disability Accommodation Support (Residential) at (434) 582-2159 or; Executive Director from Title IX to (434) 592-4999 or Earn your bachelor`s degree at half the cost. MSC graduates who meet certain criteria will receive priority enrollment or guaranteed admission to colleges and universities around the world. That`s right – CSM offers more than 200 transfer agreements with more than 60 partner universities.

The college has specific agreements with certain colleges and universities to help our students. The Virginia Community College System also works diligently on behalf of all students attending one of Virginia`s 23 community colleges, including STC students. Detailed information about the agreement can be found under the links below. To request adequate accommodation to meet these essential duties and skills or other course requirements, please call Liberty University`s Disability Accommodation Support Office (ODAS) at (434) 592-5417 or email If you are a student at a residential school, you can call Liberty`s Director of Disability Accommodation Support at (434) 582-2159 or email Liberty University is a private evangelical Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is one of the largest Christian universities in the world and the largest private non-profit university in the United States. Liberty offers 17 colleges and schools, including a law school, a medical school, and a divinity school.

TCC has specific transfer agreements with Liberty for the benefit of our students. Detailed information can be found under the following links! Liberty University does not discriminate or harass illegally in its educational programs and activities based on race, color, ancestry, religion, age, gender, national origin, pregnancy or birth, disability, or veteran status. Liberty University maintains its Christian mission and reserves the right to discriminate on the basis of religion to the extent that applicable law respects its right to act to further its religious goals. Specifically, the Rawlings School of Divinity promotes the university`s religious mission by using religion-based criteria in admission to its graduate programs. The following individuals have been designated to coordinate Liberty University`s compliance with certain anti-discrimination laws: LU Online Disability Accommodation Support Coordinator at (434) 592-5417 or; Director of Disability Accommodation Support (Residential) at (434) 582-2159 or; Executive Director from Title IX to (434) 592-4999 or Liberty University`s Student Honor Codes describe the university`s expectations of its students and provide guidelines for living in a Christian educational community. Liberty University`s Honor Codes prohibit certain academic and non-academic misconduct and provide for disciplinary procedures and possible sanctions for dealing with misconduct. A link to all applicable Liberty University policies will be provided to me when I am offered admission.

I agree that if I become a Liberty University student, I will comply with the terms of the Liberty University Honor Codes. Liberty University is a Christian academic community in the tradition of evangelical colleges. As such, Liberty pursues the philosophy of education that first spawned the university and is summarized in subsequent theses. Our commitment to a biblical worldview is not wishful thinking, but the foundation of our identity as a Christian university. And while we are evangelicals both in tradition and method, we celebrate the commonalities that all Christians share – they are the ones who unite and equip us to celebrate our diversity as individuals. . In addition, withholding information or false information on my application may result in the loss of financial aid, which may also result in a balance due to Liberty University, for which I am responsible; selection for the review of financial support; and fines and/or imprisonment. Complete the personal declaration, teaching agreement and code of honour document. Liberty and the VCCS will review the GAA every three years to make any adjustments deemed appropriate to maintain its integrity and improve the transmission process. The changes will not negatively affect students who are already enrolled under the provisions of the existing GAA.

Maintain the founder`s vision, Dr. . . .