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Hvv app downloaden

www.hvv.de/en/index.php you can check schedule & rates online. Your start would be Hamburg Hbf. Tickets can be bought at vending machines in the stations (check for the one with HVV logo) and probably need to be validated (check). Or you can download the HVV app and buy electronic tickets (if app is available in your app store). However if I remember correctly you have to register with HVV homepage beforehand. But you still have time and can try 😉 Your public transportation ticket will be placed on your conference badge. Therefore, always have it with you, and don’t loose it!!! 😉 Alternative beautiful places close to Hamburg are LĂŒbeck, Schwerin, or LĂŒneburg in case you prefer additional city trips. It will for sure be interesting to complement your view of Hamburg’s buzzing big city life with a visit in at least one of these smaller cities to gather a variety of impressions to remember. Each of them can be reached by car or train quickly enough for a one-day side trip.

WOW vivalisboa, thank you so much. I really appreciate it!! 1 Ausgenommen sind Monatskarten, Wochenkarten und die Hamburg CARD Mit der HVV-App können Sie ĂŒberall und jederzeit FahrplanauskĂŒnfte abrufen und Ihre Fahrkarte bequem kaufen. You can find all the connections here: www.hvv.de/en/index.php … the Central Station (“Hauptbahnhof”)S21 direction ElbgaustraßeS31 direction AltonaS11 direction Blankenese (only on Thursday and Friday)It’s just one stop :-)… AltonaS31 direction NeugrabenS11 direction PoppenbĂŒttel (only on Thursday and Friday)… ReeperbahnS1 direction PoppenbĂŒttel/Hamburg AirportS3 direction Neugraben/Stadeto: Jungfernstieg, from there:Bus No. 4 direction WildackerBus No. 5 direction Niendorf Markt/Burgwedelalight at UniversitĂ€t/Staatsbibliothek or Dammtor Bitte laden Sie Ihre Fahrkarte vor Fahrtantritt (bzw. im Schnellbahnbereich vor Betreten des fahrkartenpflichtigen Bereichs) herunter, damit Sie sie bei einer Fahrkartenkontrolle griffbereit haben.

Auch muss natĂŒrlich Ihr Akku geladen sein. If you want to avoid maybe confusing vending machines (English available) or the app (only in German), you also can buy the tickets in advance in the online shop and print it out on paper before. But: also German only 🙁 Mit der Android-App “Google Earth” haben Sie die ganze Welt in Ihrer Hand. Hamburg combines the typical dynamic atmosphere of a big city with a very unique maritime charm thanks to the popular harbour area as well as the beautiful Alster with its scenic fountain in the center of the city. The inner Alster is a great place to relax from sightseeing and shopping before moving on to your next point of interest. If you take a break at the lake river (that actually only looks like a lake) and love ice cream as much as I do, I’d suggest enjoying a cone full of tasty ice cream from Warneke Eis, located directly at Jungfernstieg’s pier. Mit der kostenlosen App “HVV” fĂŒr Android haben Sie den Fahrplan der ÖPNV von Hamburg immer im Blick. UniversitĂ€t/Staatsbibliothek: Bus No.

4, Bus No. 5 Mit einem kostenfreien MeinHVV-Konto haben Sie den Überblick ĂŒber Ihre Bestellhistorie und Ihre hinterlegten Zahlungsmittel. Wo immer Sie in Hamburg hinwollen: Hier finden Sie die beste und schnellste Verbindung zu Ihrem Ziel.