Collective Agreement Kapenas

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Collective Agreement Kapenas

The new agreement improves and revises the terms and conditions of employment in order to provide better performance for Petronas` non-managerial employees. A trade union (British English) or a trade union (American English) is an organisation of workers who have come together to achieve common goals such as better working conditions. The union negotiates through its management with the employer on behalf of the union members (rank-and-file members[1] and negotiates employment contracts (collective bargaining) with the employers. This may include wage negotiations, work rules, complaint procedures, rules on the recruitment, dismissal and transport of workers, benefits, occupational safety and guidelines. Agreements negotiated by union leaders bind the core members and the employer and, in some cases, other non-members. In his speech, Fong congratulated the two sides on their agreement and praised the elements of respect, transparency, trust and compromise displayed during the negotiation process. BINTULU: Petronas yesterday deplored the decision of Sarawak members of their workers` union to hold a peaceful demonstration here on Monday against the impasse in collective bargaining (CA). The agreement was signed by Raiha Azni Abdul Rahman, Petronas Vice President for Human Resource Management, with KAPENAS representatives from the four chapters – Encik Zul Kofli Jusoh, President of KAPENAS Semenanjung Malaysia; Yusuff Ali, President of KAPENAS Sarawak; Mr Erwanddy Deen Erwan, President of KAPENAS Sabah; and Haris Fadzilah Fadil, President of KAPENAS Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. “Petronas refers to Kapena Sarawak`s picket line in Bintulu on June 24.

Petronas has had four 2019-2021 collective bargaining meetings with Kapenas Sarawak, the last time on April 16, where Kapenas Sarawak declared an impasse. KAPENAS Sarawak says Petronas refuses to take into account the different situations and sensitivities of its employees. Read also: Union in Sarawak says Petronas demands that it accepts a one-time offer. . It was said that four meetings of petronas` 2019-2021 CA negotiations were held with Kapenas Sarawak, the last meeting on April 16, during which Kapenas Sarawak declared an impasse. Petronas had deeply regretted that Kapenas Sarawak had decided to pursue a blocking statement despite the competing offer made to the five unions in which the company`s employees participate. . In the statement, Kapenas Sarawak expressed his dissatisfaction, particularly with regard to the paragraph in which Petronas states: “We deeply regret that Kapenas Sarawak has decided to continue the declaration despite the offer of competition made to the five unions, the other four of which agreed and entered into force on 1 January 2019.” “We talked to management so much. Whenever the answer is the same, they don`t want to discuss (Job Empowerment). This is not just a Petronas problem, it is now a Sarawak problem.

That is why MTUC Sarawak fully supports them (Kapenas Sarawak),” Lo said. Meanwhile, when it comes to boosting employment, Lo said the MTUC fully supports Kapenas Sarawak and asks Petronas management to be responsible. . “It is troubling for Petronas to demand that Kapenas Sarawak blindly follow other unions that, under the Federal Constitution and trade union law, are separate and different. In a statement yesterday, Kapenas Sarawak accused P├ętroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) of refusing to take into account the different situations and sensitivities of its collaborators. The General Secretary of Kapenas Sarawak today issued a statement protesting against petronas` statement, issued today in response to Kapenas Sarawak`s decision to establish picket lines. “We are working closely with all relevant authorities and interest groups to ensure that the matter is resolved quickly in the interests of our employees,” Petronas said. . .