SolarWave launches a Good Water project in Tanzania.

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SolarWave launches a Good Water project in Tanzania.

SolarWave in partnership with Midroc Europe has launched the first Good Water project in Tanzania. Two schools and one dispensary in the Morogoro region were equipped with SolarWave water purification systems and over 4000 people gained access to safe drinking water. Before the project, the students, patients and the families leaving nearby consumed water from the public taps, often without any treatment. Public taps, although considered as improved water sources, do not always comply with drinking water quality standards and it is recommended to boil the water or to use other water treatment methods before consumption. In practice, due to lack of resources, the schools are not able to treat the water, and therefore students used to drink untreated tap water which resulted in the occasional outbreaks of water-borne diseases. Now, the UV disinfection process of the SolarWave systems will ensure that the water is free from microbiological contamination and safe to drink without boiling or any other additional treatment. The systems operate on solar power and thus are not dependent on the electricity grid which suffers from frequent blackouts.

Good Water projects are water purification projects implemented by SolarWave in partnership with corporate clients and organizations willing to give back to the community.
“SolarWave’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions for the supply of safe drinking water and we have developed a technology which is robust, reliable, and affordable. Through the Good Water concept, we hope to reach out with this technology to the people who need it the most. I very much appreciate the support from Midroc and I welcome other corporates and organizations to join us in this mission. Together we can make a difference.” says Johan Wennerberg, CEO of SolarWave AB.

At Midroc we have a mission to contribute to a better future. To get there, we believe in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship as a tool to make a difference. This is the reason why Midroc invests in pioneering technologies, and furthermore entered a partnership with SolarWave. We are proud to be able to help thousands of people with their challenge of getting safe drinking water. By working together we can really achieve more.” says Christer Wikström, CEO Midroc Europe.



Midroc Europe is a group of companies with operations in properties, construction, industry and environmental technology. Midroc’s operations are international, with Sweden as base. Midroc has 2800 employees and turnover in 2012 was SEK 4 billion.

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