Safe drinking water

Safe drinking water is a basic human need.

Safe drinking water is a pre-condition for fighting poverty and hunger and building a sustainable society. SolarWave believes that everyone should have access to safe and affordable drinking water. We are devoted to developing the most cost-effective chemical-free water treatment systems, specifically designed to operate in tough environments with limited service and maintenance.

Access to safe drinking water means

  • Improved health due to the reduced spread of water-borne diseases. Less indoor smoky fires for boiling water also prevents burns and lung diseases.
  • Money and time savings due to reduced reliance on firewood and charcoal for boiling water. Improved health also means that less money is spent on medical care.
  • Improved school performance.

SolarWave’s range of water purification systems includes solar powered solutions designed for remote rural areas with no or poor infrastructure, as well as grid powered purifiers in different capacities for homes, schools, and industries.