Pure power

Decentralized electricity for all. And we mean everyone.

In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 10% of the rural population has access to electricity and rural electrification progresses only slowly. In electrified urban areas, access to electricity is often not reliable with frequent power outages.

Locally generated solar power is a cost-effective solution for rural electrification since it requires no or limited infrastructure investments. It can be in the form of solar home systems or small centralized village power plants combined with mini-grids for inter-village distribution to individual households and local industries and businesses. In urban areas, many people choose to replace their noisy, polluting back-up diesel generators with clean, reliable solar power systems.

Small solar home systems have limited capacity, but in impoverished and undeveloped areas even small amounts of electricity can give significantly improved living conditions by providing sufficient power for lighting and appliances such as radio, TV, mobile phone chargers, etc. This frees up time for women, reduces indoor pollution, and enables children to do their homework at night.

SolarWave has developed a generic product platform for solar home systems with capacities ranging from 100-1,000 W. These solar power sets produce electricity directly from solar cells and has outlets for 230 VAC and 12 VDC as well as USB outlets.

In addition to solar home systems, SolarWave also builds custom-designed solar power systems of virtually any size and for any application. This includes off-grid and on-grid systems both ground-based and for roof tops. All our solar power systems are based on high-quality components from renowned manufacturers.