SolarWave Backpacker


SolarWave Backpacker

This is a travel-friendly version of our solar powered water purification system. The BackPacker weighs 11.5 kg and is equipped with comfortable shoulder and padded hip supports so that it can be carried comfortably over long distances.

The system is powered by a built-in high-capacity Li-ion battery, which is charged by a foldable, resistant, and lightweight solar module. The BackPacker is equipped with electrical outputs for 12 V DC and 5 V DC
that provide clean reliable electrical power for all needs, e.g. electrical light, charging mobile phones, laptops, radios, and more.

The water purification unit cleans water using proven UV disinfection technology without any chemicals. It eliminates bacteria, viruses and protozoa and provides clean, safe water that meets the World Health Organization and Health Department’s standards for potable water.

The system is very easy to use with virtually no installation required.

For more information, technical specifications on the SolarWave Backpacker you are free to download the following PDF.