The products fulfill our special needs of technical solutions for this mission.


( Filip Staake, procurement officer at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) commenting on SolarWave's water treatment systems which are used at base camps for the UN mission in remote locations in South Sudan. )

Other Testimonials

We have good experiences of SolarWave in Congo and Chad where we have their water purification systems in operation. Their technology is well suited for our needs and contribute, among other things, to that we manage water supply without costly transport of bottled water and we also do no longer need to depose of empty plastic bottles. From an environmental perspective, this is of course very valuable.


( Harry Leefe, Staff Accomodation Manager, UNHCR, Geneva )

What an incredible difference the water purifier has made for these street boys. For the first time in life these children have been able to open a tap with clean water, fill a cup and drink - I call that making a difference.

Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation

( Kasper Skarrie, Secretary General, Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation and sponsor of a Good Water project at Childres of Ssuubi, Kampala, Uganda )

I am very happy that I will be joining school later this year. I cannot wait to get a school uniform. Mum said if she gets money from the maize I will get my school uniform.

Bakari 5 years old

( Bakari, 5 years old. Thanks to the SolarWave water treatment unit his mother no longer needs to boil his drinking water. This leaves her with more time to spend at her farm. )

In the past, I used to spend my mornings fetching firewood and boiling drinking water. I now spend my mornings here at my snack business and I am able to catch the early customers as a result, my sales have gone up and I make more profit.

Business operator

( Nyamatondo Mkuku, Business Woman, Vikenge, Tanzania )

The SolarWave system helped us increase attendance rate in the school. Before we got the system, a lot of students were missing classes due to sickness. Now the attendance rate went up to 95-97%.

School teacher

( Fransisca Masawe, Head Teacher, Vikenge Primary School, Tanzania )