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SolarWave awarded contract by UNDP to catalyze the use of solar photovoltaic energy in Iraq.

The United Nations Development Programme has awarded SolarWave with a contract to supply and install solar panels and related equipment for the Ministry of Science and Technology in Iraq.

This project aims to support the Iraqi Ministry of Elictricity in the establishment of large utility-scale PV plants, primarily by providing technical and investment support. The project supports the development of a regulatory framework, technical guidelines, capacity building and institutional arrangements for the development of public and private solar plants.

The projects national focal point is the Ministry of Environment. It receives close collaboration from the Ministry of Electricity, the Renewable Energy Research Centre of the Ministry of Science and Technology among others.

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New Product Announcement.

SolarWave proudly presents, The SolarWave WP360 School, which is specifically designed for schools in rural areas where no electrical power is available. It is a very cost effective solution to supplying safe drinking water to pupils and teachers.

As with all SolarWave products, the SolarWave WP360 School is a high-quality and reliable product that can operate for at least ten years under normal operating conditions. The system is easy to operate and maintain, and installation is simple.




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New employees at SolarWave Uganda.

SolarWave would like to welcome Gerald Mwesige and Diana Karuyonga  to  the sales team in Uganda. We look forward to working together and achieving new goals.

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SolarWave launches a new product.

The WP1200M is a mobile solar powered water purifier with a capacity of 1200 liters per hour. The design of the WP1200M is based on the proven WP700 which is successfully in operation in a large number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa. As with all SolarWave solutions, the WP1200M is a reliable, high-quality product specifically designed for use in remote rural areas under tough operating conditions.


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Unique cooperation between Qatar and Sweden provides Gulf States new Swedish environmental technology.

“SolarWave AB, a world leader in sustainable water treatment solutions for remote rural areas and emergencies, is part of a unique agreement between Midroc New Technology and GORD – the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development.

New and revolutionary environmental technology from four Swedish companies will be displayed in a special full-scale facility in Qatars capital Doha. This opportunity may lead to a number of Gulf States choosing Swedish technology in a major investment in sustainable development, and is the outcome of an agreement between Midroc New Technology and GORD, the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development for the six Gulf States of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

– With resources from Qatar and technology from Midrocs portfolio companies, we will be able to showcase new solutions that are sustainable in the long term for our planet and that are possible already today, says Göran Linder, CEO of Midroc New Technology.

The full-scale demonstration facility will be placed in Qatar Science & Technology Park and will contain a number of functions, from living quarters and workplaces to greenhouses. The idea is that one will be able to see all these different technologies together in one place, from the late summer of 2015 onwards.

The GORD Research Organisation is responsible for developing sustainable solutions for the whole of the GCC (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain). This means that the innovations that will be presented could in time become the standard for all the member states. In an effort to accelerate the introduction of technologies for world improvement, four of Midrocs portfolio companies achieve a unique position.

offers solutions driven by solar energy for water purification and desalination, making it possible to use water that would otherwise be undrinkable. Their compact plants can be as small as a backpack, or big enough to supply thousands of litres per hour.

offers intelligent lighting systems for greenhouse cultivation that can also be used in extreme environments. In comparison with conventional solutions, less energy and water is consumed, there is no wastage, crop yield is increased – and the crops taste better.

has developed fuel cell technology which converts diesel and hydrogen into electricity highly efficiently. This allows energy consumption to be reduced by 50 percent while completely eliminating exhaust gases and toxic emissions.

Air to Air
has technology for both heat and moisture exchange, giving the best possible control of indoor climate with the least possible energy consumption.

The two parties to the agreement are:
– Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD), a non-profit governmental organisation whose purpose is to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in Qatar and the countries included in the GCC, Gulf Cooperation Council.
– Midroc New Technology, a member of the Midroc Europe Group, is a venture capital company that invests in groundbreaking technologies with global relevance in the environmental and renewable energy fields.

GÄVLE, Sweden, June 25, 2015

About Midroc Europe
Midroc Europe has operations in properties, construction, industry and environmental technology. The operations are international, with Sweden as base. Midroc has 3200 employees and turnover in 2014 was more than SEK 5 billion.”

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Successful demo in Kadelso, Ghana.

A demo of SolarWave’s products was carried out in the village of Kadelso in the region of Brong Ahafo in Ghana. Among those present were Regional Director Mr. Nana Tufour, Chief of Kadelso Mr. Bonyaso Sampson and Technical Advisor from the National Community Water and Sanitation Agency, Mr. John Gaze.



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Successful installation of SolarWave’s water purifiers in Chad.

SolarWave has successfully completed the installation of water purifiers at UNHCR’s offices in Chad.

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Eden High School installs SolarWave’s water purifier.

Eden High School, located in Kasangati, Uganda has installed a water purifier to meet the needs of the High School.  This initiative from the school ensures that the students will have access to safe and clean drinking water.

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Rain water harvesting system installed in Morogoro, Tanzania.

SolarWave and Midroc collaborated to install a rain water harvesting system as part of  a Good Water CSR project at Vikenge Primary School in Morogoro.

The installation of such a system mitigates the problem of water shortage by collecting rain water during the rain seasons to fill the water storage tanks from which the water will be pumped to fill the an overhead tank at times when supply form the main source is failing.

Christer Olsson and Rikard Sjöqvist who participated in and won an internal competition at Midroc,  with the prize being installation of the system, were in charge of seeing the project through. The village council were very pleased with the successful installation of the rain water harvesting system and made Christer and Rikard honorary citizens of the village. “An experience of a lifetime” say Christer and Rikard.

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SolarWave participates in the muncipality of Gävle’s environment gala.

SolarWave participated in the environment gala organized by the muncipality of Gävle on the 20th of November. The event focused on how Gävle evolved towards becoming one of the country’s top muncipalities when it comes to environmental awareness and initiatives.